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arpReach helps to build your business. On autopilot.

arpReach has a huge number of features, all designed to maximize your website's earning potential. And it covers the basics really well too. So if you need an autoresponder and mailing list solution that will cope as your business grows, then arpReach is the right choice.
arpReach autoresponders


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arpReach autoresponders

Unlimited Autoresponders

arpReach allows you to create and run an unlimited number of follow-up autoresponders for one or more websites. Unlike some systems, there are no additional charges for adding extra autoresponders when you need to expand your marketing activity.

Each of your autoresponders can have an unlimited number of follow-up messages.

  • Unlimited autoresponders
    Create any number of follow-up autoresponders for any number of websites, each with unlimited follow-up messages.
  • Autoresponder groups
    Autoresponders can be grouped for easy management of related autoresponders.
  • Single or confirmed opt-in
    Choose on a per-autoresponder basis whether contacts need to confirm subscriptions. For example, existing customers may not need to confirm whilst pay-per-click traffic does to ensure quality.
  • Smart subscription handling
    Automatically drop an autoresponder subscription when a contact subscribes to another. For example, move a contact from "prospects" to "customers" after they have purchased.
  • Custom headers and footers
    Easily control the format of an autoresponder's follow-up messages by using common headers and footers that you manage in one place. This means you can focus on the content of each message without worrying about its layout.
  • Custom subscription success pages
    Set these globally or have different custom pages for each autoresponder or even every subscription form.
  • Contact subscription self-management
    Unsubscribe by clicking one link or present a screen where your contact can manage all their subscriptions.
  • Custom unsubscribe success pages
    Create enticing "exit" offers or remind customers of paid subscriptions that they will no longer receive content, giving them the option to re-subscribe.
  • Custom opt-in confirmation pages
    Use these to remind contacts to check their inbox for their confirmation email and to suggest they add your email address to their whitelist or address book.
  • Select email system per autoresponder
    Add any number of local (eg Sendmail, SMTP) or remote SMTP delivery providers. For example, use your local server for transactional emails and an expert delivery provider for your free e-course. Test them against each other and choose the best performer to continually drive up your delivery and performance results.
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe notifications
    Send subscribe/unsubscribe notices to as many people as you want. Include the contact's details so customer support staff can contact them directly.
  • End-of-sequence management
    You choose what happens when a contact reaches the end of an autoresponder's follow-up sequence. Move them to a new autoresponder or send them repeat messages from the same sequence. Or leave them active so they receive future message you add. Or maybe just segment them for targeting with broadcasts. You have full control over what happens.
  • Choose a sending persona arpReach Gold only
    Create any number of sending personalities for different people or departments in your organization. Create different personas for the websites you manage to help build your separate brands.
  • Add subscription widgets to your web pages
    Tiny images that show how many people are subscribed to an autoresponder. These provide social proof to prospective subscribers.
  • Automatic message resend
    Intelligent resending of follow-up messages that soft-bounced (eg mailbox full) to ensure maximum retention and delivery even when a contact's mailbox is temporarily unavailable.
arpReach newsletters and broadcasts

Broadcast Campaigns

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arpReach newsletters and broadcasts

Unlimited Broadcasts

Send any number of "one off" broadcasts such as newsletters, ezines and time-limited offers. Broadcasts do not interfere with scheduled follow-ups. Schedule broadcasts in advance and they'll be sent automatically.

  • Unlimited broadcasts
    Schedule and send any number of broadcasts without per-broadcast or per-message charges. Great for newsletters, ezines and offers.
  • Independent of follow-ups
    Send as many broadcasts as you want without interfering with scheduled follow-up messages which continue as normal.
  • Advance scheduling
    Broadcasts can be scheduled in advance by date and time (any timezone) for automatic sending even when you are offline. Your computer does not even need to be switched on.
  • Easy cloning
    It's easy to clone and edit previous broadcasts meaning there is no need to re-create similar broadcasts from scratch. Great for regular newsletters where only the content changes.
  • Saved and archived
    All previous broadcasts are saved for later viewing, performance analysis or cloning.
  • Segment for laser targeting
    Segment your campaigns on unlimited fields, including custom fields. Segment by individual or multiple fields for maximum personalization. Include or exclude autoresponders, customer lists, subscription date, link-clicks (or not clicked), message opened (or not opened). There truly are endless possibilities for segmentation because you can set any number of "include" or "exclude" criteria per segment.
  • Include/exclude multiple lists
    A simple checkbox system allows you to include (or exclude) one or more lists from a broadcast.
  • Open rate tracking
    Track open rates for each campaign you run to test the effectiveness of your subject lines.
  • Save draft version
    The ability to save drafts allows you to start working on a campaign, save it, then come back later to complete it. Great for proof-reading and quality control.
  • Flexible scheduling
    Schedule broadcasts in advance for an entire week, month or longer. Set a specific date and the start time for each campaign. Great for automating time-sensitive reminders for events such as webinars and teleseminars.
  • Split testing
    Create different versions of your campaigns that will automatically be rotated, allowing you to test open rates, click-through rates and overall success.
  • Preview
    Preview the plain text and HTML versions of your messages so you can see how they look before sending.
  • Pre-send testing
    Send yourself test versions of the plain text and HTML versions of your messages to test layout prior to sending.
  • Template library
    Create and store as many plain text and HTML templates as you need to ensure consistency of campaigns such as weekly newsletters.
  • Spam scoring
    Plain text and HTML campaigns are scored separately for spam content to ensure both content and formatting issues are caught prior to sending.
  • Social media sharing
    Automatically post your campaigns to social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for maximum social propagation.
  • Plain text, HTML or multi-part
    Choose to send a campaign in plain text, HTML or multi-part. The contact' email software will then display the best version for the device.
  • WYSIWYG HTML editor
    Fully featured what-you-see-is-what-you-get HTML editor for creating stunning HTML campaigns. Or use your favorite HTML editor and simply paste in the HTML.
  • Independent of follow-ups
    Send as many broadcasts as you want without interfering with scheduled follow-up messages which continue as normal.
  • Choose a sending persona arpReach Gold only
    Create any number of sending personalities for different people or departments in your organization. Create different personas for the websites you manage to help build your separate brands.
  • Select email system per campaign
    Add any number of local (eg Sendmail, SMTP) or remote SMTP delivery providers. For example, use your local server for transactional emails and an expert delivery provider for your free e-course. Test them against each other and choose the best performer to continually drive up your delivery and performance results.
arpReach contact management

Contact Management

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arpReach contact management

It's All About Contacts

Everything in arpReach centers around the contact and their list memberships. Each contact can be in one or more lists without any duplication of contact data. Contact categories, custom fields (as many as you like), advanced segmentation and action (or inaction) tracking make it a breeze to run laser-focused campaigns.

  • Message history
    View a complete message history for each contact to see which messages they have been sent and when.
  • Unlimited custom fields
    Assign any number of custom fields to contacts and segment them in any way imaginable. For example, select contacts who own a holiday home in Florida, who are retired and who opened your previous 2 newsletters. The possibilities are literally endless.
  • Segments
    Create segments with any number of criteria including standard fields, custom fields, subscription data, list membership, contact category, message opens (or non opens), link clicks (or non clicks) and more. For example, at the beginning of every month, select contacts who joined last month but who have not yet bought a product.
  • Contact edit screens
    Easy-to-use contact edit interface. arpReach is a contact management system as well as an email marketing application. Store any number of fields and unlimited notes for every contact.
  • Contact search
    Quickly search for contacts by ISP or company (if it's in their email address) by typing a few characters and selecting the contact you want from the presented list.
  • No duplicate records
    You never need to worry that a broadcast campaign sends multiple messages to the same contact because an email address can exist only once in the contact database.
  • Unlimited autoresponder subscriptions
    Each contact can have subscriptions to any number of autoresponders. This does not create duplicate contact records as the subscriptions are all tied to a single contact record.
  • Bulk remove contacts
    Just paste in a list of email addresses and click a button.
  • Easy import and export
    Import contacts from another email provider, text files or spreadsheets. Export your data to make regular backups of your valuable data.
  • Optional subscription confirmation
    Unlike many providers, you get to choose if and when contacts need to confirm their subscriptions. Even when importing, you can choose if those contacts need to re-confirm their subscription or not.
  • Subscription tracking
    Use tracking tags in your subscription forms to keep tabs on which forms are most successful at attracting subscriptions.
  • Subscribe by email
    A custom email address for each autoresponder allows you to collect subscriptions from people who send a blank email to that address. Great during webinars and teleseminars for delivering content to attendees who simply email your special address there and then. And, of course, they are added to your contact database.
  • Categories
    Each contact can be a member of one or more categories. For example, create a category for prospects and another for customers. You can easily target one or more categories with broadcast campaigns.
  • Personalization tags
    Choose from dozens of tags that personalize your messages or create your own to increase response rate. These work like "merge" fields in word processors. You can even include all your custom field information by inserting simple tags in your messages. Increase retention, reduce spam complaints and increase the overall effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • Easily add new contacts
    And you choose if they need to confirm their subscription or not. Add contacts one by one, paste in a bunch of addresses or do a full import from a file of contact data.
  • 3rd party software integration
    Add contacts and subscribe/unsubscribe them to autoresponders from other software using simple http POST requests (eg Curl in PHP).
arpReach contact tags

Contact Tags

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arpReach contact tags

Micro-Segment Your Contacts Into Groups of One

For maximum response and ROI, your email campaigns need to target the individual. You need to send your contacts what they want, when they want it.

Tag your contacts interests, wants, and desires and send them timely (even instant) content that is perfectly matched to their expectations.

  • Unlimited tags
    Create as many tags as you need to micro-segment your entire list into segments of one or more contacts.
  • Laser targeting
    Send each individual contact exactly what they want based on the actual needs, wants and desires they have expressed when interacting with your content.
  • Not just "what", but "when"
    Send highly targeted content at the precise moment a contact expresses interest in it and follow up automatically in days and weeks ahead.
  • Segments of one
    Segments based on tags can have just one contact, ensuring your content is matched with absolute perfection to the individual.
  • Single-click selection
    Have you got just one contact with a tag in a list of thousands? Just one click pulls them out.
arpReach active contact system

Active Contact System

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arpReach active contact system

Strike While The Iron Is Hot

arpReach reacts instantly and silently when a contact does something that you want them to do. These contact "events" are tied to any number of "actions" that can happen immediately such as sending an email, moving the contact into a follow-up sequence or tagging their interest for future targeting.

By immediately responding when a contact acts, such as filling out a form, clicking a link or opening a campaign, you can give each and every contact exactly what they want at the precise moment they expressed interest.

One-size-fits-all marketing is a thing of the past with arpReach. In this highly competitive world, you need to be ready and waiting to act immediately on a prospect's expression of interest. arpReach manages it for you instantly and silently on autopilot.

  • React on expressions of interest
    arpReach monitors what contacts are doing and is ready to act as soon as an "event" (or trigger) happens.
  • Multiple event types
    Form submissions, link clicks, broadcast opens, follow-up message opens are all monitored in real time.
  • One event, multiple actions
    A single event can trigger as many actions as you want. Your contact clicks a link and you (1) tag them, (2) send them the information they requested and (3) add them to a targeted follow-up sequence. And all they did was click one link.
  • Highly flexible actions
    Add/remove tags, add/remove contact categories, add/remove autoresponder subscriptions, send a personalized one-off email, change the contact's standard or custom field data, post the contact via HTTP to another script, add/remove from suppression or ban list, delete contact, run a user-defined function.
  • Change contact data
    Standard and custom field data can be altered in real time as soon as an event occurs. A contact tells you their shoe size? Log it in their record, instantly and automatically.
  • Post to a remote script
    Send the contact record to other software whenever an event is triggered.
  • User-defined functions
    Run a user defined function to change data in arpReach or a separate software system. The contact record is sent to your function.
arpReach content


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arpReach content

Design, Create and Re-use.

arpReach has many tools to ensure the creative design process is as easy as possible with duplicate effort eliminated. Features such as the template library, attachment library, custom field manager, central link management make this possible.

  • Message templates
    Create and store any number of plain text and HTML templates for use as the basis for follow-up messages and broadcast campaigns. One click pulls a template into a new message.
  • Attachment library
    Manage all your file attachments in one place. If you need to change a file, simply upload the new version and the change will automatically be applied to all the follow-up messages and scheduled broadcast campaigns that use it.
  • WYSIWYG HTML editor
    Fully featured what-you-see-is-what-you-get HTML editor for creating stunning HTML campaigns. Or use your favorite HTML editor and simply paste in the HTML.
  • Unlimited variables
    Create unlimited variables to add variable content to your message such as prices, discounts and offers. Change the content in one place and it is automatically changed in all your messages.
  • Ads
    Create and save plain text and HTML ads for repeated use. These are great if you sell ad space in your newsletter or ezine or promote your own products in your messages.
  • Link tracking
    Create, manage and analyze all your link tracking in one place. Segment your campaigns based on contacts who clicked (or did not click) your links.
arpReach delivery tools

Delivery Tools

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arpReach delivery tools

Drive Up Your Delivery Rate.

arpReach manages the delivery issue different from other providers, putting you in control.

Manage it inhouse or outsource it to any number of delivery experts such as SendGrid, or Amazon SES. Pitch them against each other and pick the best. Rinse and repeat to drive your delivery rate up.

  • Unlimited Email Senders
    Add any number of local (Sendmail/SMTP) or 3rd party (SMTP) delivery providers. Use your webhost's email server or outsource for the best of all worlds, with you in complete control.
  • Per Campaign Delivery Provider
    Every follow-up and broadcast campaign can have its own delivery provider.
  • Test and Improve
    Test your delivery providers against each other and keep the best. Repeat the process to continuously drive up your delivery rate.
  • Custom Email Headers
    Create unlimited custom email headers to stay compliant with the latest requirements of the major ISPs.
  • Spam Score Checker
    Check your plain text and HTML emails separately against the Spam Assassin database to ensure the lowest possible score for both content and format.
  • Suppression Lists
    Automatic suppression prevents sending to specific addresses or entire domains. Add people who have complained or serial refunders.
  • Ban Lists
    Ban individual addresses or entire domains from signing up to your lists to help minimize spam traps, honeypots and subscriptions robots.
  • Automatic Bounce Handling
    Manages hard and soft bounces differently to keep your mailing list clean while automatically retrying contacts that have temporary inbox issues (eg mailbox full).
  • Contact Self-Management
    Contacts can self-manage their subscriptions to ensure they remain only on the lists they want to receive information from. They can add themselves to your do-not-contact list to ensure you can't inadvertently email them again.
arpReach design tools

Design Tools

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arpReach design tools

Easy Design Process

arpReach gives you the freedom to design the way you want.

Create great looking plain text and HTML emails right within the software using What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get tools.

Or simply copy and paste content from your current favourite editing software applications.

Got a favorite template? arpReach is compatible with EVERY plain text or HTML email template.

  • Email Templates
    Create unlimited plain text and HTML templates to use for your follow-up and broadcast campaigns. arpReach can use any email template. Search online for an unlimited supply of innovative designs.
  • Use Your Own Editor
    If you already have plain text and HTML editing software, use those and paste the copy into arpReach with no new design learning curve.
  • Advanced WYSIWYG Editor
    Use the built-in What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get HTML editor to create and edit your email campaigns. Add tables, create links, insert images and format text right within the software and see the results as you work.
  • Preview
    Preview the plain text and HTML versions of your messages before sending them to see exactly how they will appear to your contacts.
  • Test Messages
    Send yourself test copies of your campaigns so you can check your campaigns as they appear in your email inbox.
arpReach affiliate program

Affiliate Program

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arpReach affiliate program

Earn Money - $20 Signup Bonus

Earn generous commissions by promoting arpReach to your website visitors, newsletter subscribers or social network followers.

We'll add $20 to your affiliate account just for signing up and pay 25% for every sale you generate.

And if you're an arpReach user, the software can even promote your affiliate link on autopilot to your contacts and subscribers.

  • $20 signup bonus
    Sign up today and we will start your account off with a $20 bonus.
  • 25% commission per sale
    You will earn 25% on sales you generate. That's $48.75 for arpReach Standard and $98.75 for arpReach Gold. (Slightly less when we run special offers but you'll still get 25% :) )
  • Year-long tracking
    Visitors you send us are tracked for a full year.

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