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Manage it yourself or outsource to multiple providers. Choose the best then rinse and repeat.

Drive up your delivery rate

Make your delivery providers work for you to drive up your delivery rate.

With arpReach you get to choose who delivers your email. Want to send it from your webhost's server? No problem.

Or how about outsource it to a 3rd party SMTP provider such as SendGrid, or Amazon SES? Sure, as many as you want. Make them work against each other to drive up your delivery.

Skeptical about the delivery claims of others?

That's understandable.

We get asked a lot about deliverability and it's really asking us to prove or disprove the claims of others. We believe that's their job.

Some providers claim silly numbers for deliverability. The bottom line is they cannot know because it's technically impossible to know. They send "perfect" email to their own test email accounts and extrapolate the success of sending those tests to produce their overall deliverability figures. It's not what we'd describe as helpful, or even 100% truthful.

How can anyone know how well your emails will be delivered when part of the "delivery" equation is your email content? The truth is, they can't.

arpReach does it better and puts you in control

With arpReach, we decided to stop playing that game and manage the "deliverability" issue differently, putting our users in full control with a system that's designed to drive your delivery rate up, not let it slide.

How does it work?

There are two choices for sending email with arpReach, giving you the ability to manage it yourself or outsource it to as many providers as you want.

  • Send email from your own hosting account or server. The majority of our users do that and are happy with the deliverability and are not blocked for spam. Why? because they don't send any.
  • Use a remote sending provider with arpReach such as, or Amazon SES. Then you have the best of all worlds - the benefits of hosting your own solution and controlling your valuable contact data while someone else takes care of getting your messages delivered.

See what this looks like in arpReach.

Add any number of local or remote email delivery providers

Make them prove their worth

You can add as many 3rd party providers as you want and you can switch between them easily. You can test their delivery against each other to pick the best by monitoring your open and link click rates.

You can even combine remote and inhouse (webhost provided) sending facilities and choose between them for every autoresponder and broadcast you create.

Drive up your delivery rate

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