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arpReach can promote your link on autopilot

This is a really great way to promote your affiliate link with very little effort. When you have set this up, your arpReach system will automatically promote your affiliate link in every message it sends out.

Now, that is VERY powerful and here's how to do it.

arpReach affiliate program

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In your arpReach system, go into Setup / Systems Settings and click on the Affiliate Program tab. Open the Your Affiliate Link section and type your affiliate ID (a number) into the box provided. Do not type in your full affiliate link - you need only enter the number. Save the change.

That's all you need to do.

arpReach will automatically add your Powered by arpReach affiliate link to every follow-up and broadcast message you send. You can also insert the tag {AFFILIATE_LINK} wherever you want your affiliate link to appear.

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