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A domain license, unlimited administrative users, Active Contact with events and actions, a years of access to software upgrades and technical support for arpReach. FREE professional installation (a $97 value).

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Infusion Genius is an arpReach customer

You're making a great choice. Here's what one of our customers said ...

What is your favorite feature in arpReach?

The ability to send unlimited emails and have unlimited contacts is a must for a quickly growing informational marketing company. If we had stuck with one of the commercial CRM companies, we would be spending well over $800 per month right now.

Why did you choose arpReach?

The ability to have a fully managed CRM was what brought us to arpReach. We hated all the hoops we had to jump through to get an email out. We understand that there are "rules" that have to be upheld to get great deliverability but if you are like us, we have a nice clean, large list that needs lots of nurturing, which means, lots of emails every month.

Other comments

Overall, this is a great piece of software. I am glad to see you have a development staff that actively is working to improve this product. This will only make my business more productive.

4 stars