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Our refund policy and procedure for our products and services.

Refund Period

Refund requests for arpReach product purchases are accepted within 30 calendar days from purchase.

To request a refund, your request must be sent to:

office AT

and include the following required information:

  • a copy of your payment transaction receipt or Paypal transaction ID
  • your arpReach license number
  • the login URL for all installations of arpReach associated with your license

we also request that you also provide us with the reason for your request.

Requests made outside of the 30 day period or which do not include the required information are not valid.

We reserve the right not to refund requests that are invalid.

Refund Exclusions

The following arpReach products and services are non-refundable;

  • Orders where arpReach has not been installed and tried for at least 14 days are non-refundable.
  • Upgrade and support plan renewals and extensions are non-refundable.
  • AutoResponse Plus (ARP3) to arpReach upgrades are non-refundable.
  • The retail cost of any arpReach installation service element we provide is non-refundable.

When refunded, your arpReach license is cancelled, your arpReach installations de-activated and your access to the hub for downloads and resources is terminated, as is technical and customer support.

Note this example: If you were to order arpReach Gold at a cost of $395, utilise the installation offer and subsequently request a refund, the maximum amount that may be refunded to you would be $298. This amount is derived where the retail cost of an arpReach installation is $97, the installation cost has been deducted from the purchase price of $395

Refund Processing

Refunds are processed in the order they are received and processed by us through our payment processor PayPal. No other refund method is available. Refunds can only be made to the same PayPal account or credit/debit card that made the original purchase. You will receive a notification by email from PayPal of the refund. Refunds made to credit/debit cards can take time to re-appear on the card account. This timeframe is outwith our control.

We keep a small US dollar float in our PayPal account to allow for refunds. This size of this float is designed to cover our normal refund level and we strive to keep it topped up. Occasionally this float is depleted and we need to wait until new US dollar funds arrive in order to process refunds. Your refund will be processed as soon as new US dollar funds are available. We have had to take the step to minimize our US dollar float size to protect our business from unpredictable actions by credit card companies and others. We apologise in advance if this means that refunds take a little longer to process on some occasions. We aim to make this the exception, not the rule.