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"I just want to say that I think you've raised the bar so high your competitors are going to find it next to impossible to get anywhere close to what you're now offering with arpReach.

Also, I've been using AutoResponse Plus (ARP3) since the very early days and you've made email marketing so much more profitable as a result of everything you've done. Thanks!"

Brian Terry of

  Total control

You have total control over your email marketing without worrying about having your valuable list hijacked by a provider who's decided to close your account at a moment's notice. It happens!

  No limits

Our simple one-time pricing means you'll never be charged more because your contact list grows or you send more email. There are no monthly fees, no charges based on list size or per-email or per-broadcast charges.

  Compliance tools

Includes everything you need to comply with CAN-SPAM laws and email marketing best practices including opt-in confirmation, one-click unsubscribe, business address footers and IP address recording for proof of subscription.

  Design freedom

Send plain text or fully colored and styled HTML emails. Use the inbuilt What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor or paste in copy from your favorite editor.

  Social media updates

Extend your marketing reach with automatic social media updates, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook every time you send a message. Simply set it and forget it.

  Success tracking

Track open rates, bounce rates and link click-throughs and view or export charts and graphs for use in external presentations.

  Send files

Attach any number of files to your follow-up or broadcast messages to easily deliver seminar handouts, digital ecourses, software or information sheets. Files are managed in the attachment library.

  Active Contact system

Automatically trigger contact-specific actions when someone triggers an event such as an open or click. This is micro-segmentation at its best because each contact gets the information they want at the time they want it.

  Segment contacts

Segment and target your contacts in infinite ways by creating segments that can have any number of criteria based on a huge number of contact and subscriber information.

  System integration

Integrate easily to add or remove contacts using simple http posts. Or go deeper and more by calling your code when contact trigger events. User-defined functions provide endless possibilities.

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